New Member Application.

This is an application that will be reviewed by our senior membership.
They are very picky about who joins this most amazing fishing CLUB.

Full Speed Fishing is a club that took several years to refine to its current outlook and philosophy.
We believe in a no hating or flaming policy and in keeping the brother and sisterhood healthy and strong.
We believe in posting kickass reports with pictures and stories.

We believe in getting together as a club, often. We are hardcore and take shit to the next level and never stop learning about what we do and love.

We Share.

We believe in helping fellow members out when they need it.

We believe in allowing others to be themselves as long as they are not assholes.

We believe in the education of all fishing and all forms and we have some of the most insanely amazing anglers from all over the world here at FSF.

We believe in taking kids fishing and educating them properly for a lifetime of fishing passion.

We believe that when you fish, you must report your adventures, all of them. No exceptions or we will dismiss you. That means skunks. All fisherman skunk and sometimes we choose to learn from those. If you’re so arrogant that you cant share a skunk, keep lookin’ on the web for another club.

We believe in a membership built on real people with zero anonymous members. All of our members actually fish. We have no keyboard fisherman or keyboard bullies.

 We are not merely a site or source of information.

If you are granted passage into the most amazing fishing club you will see some reports without locations. Some of our members protect certain fisheries that have been decimated by number hunters and the internet. That we support. Lurkers are not tolerated.
This is not a place to promote your products or companies.

The BOD, Staff and Senior Membership that run this fishing club are not paid a dime. 100% of the money the club receives from all of its sources is used for their intended just cause. IE, Kids Fish Trips, Our Parties (which include incredible meals), Capital Equipment (BBQ, PA System, Tourney Scale), or to help a fellow member out in need. We post our expenses, what the money is spent on and what we take in to the treasury. Nothing is secret here at FSF.

Any $$$ contributions to this club are voluntary only.

This is the dojo and all of our members are Bad Mother Fuckers.
So, if the few words before these words offend you, keep lookin’ on the web for another club.

If Boobies or the shape of a Woman's beautiful ass or Berman’s ass (cause for some reason he posts it often), offends you, keep lookin’ on the web for another club.

Applications that do not contain the information requested below are simply deleted and not submitted to the senior membership for approval. Applications must contain:
Real Name
Real Phone Numbers (They are verified, remember no anonymous membership)
What you fish for, where and how.
How often you fish or hunt.
An avatar picture.
A signature.
Your last fishing report with pictures of you and the setting and or fish.
A joke.
What you are looking for in a fishing club.
And a little about you.
Also, a reference from the club helps but is not mandatory.

Keep in mind, the above info is submitted to our senior membership and if it does not blow their s up,
they most likely are going to choose the side of caution and not permit entry.
They will protect what we all have built here at Full Speed Fishing.
If the above sounds like a home to you, then fill out the below form to send your information to our membership director.

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